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Hearts on Fire diamonds and engagement rings are for those who want a cut above the rest. If you are looking for "the best" then look no further, the craftsmanship is unequalled and is second to none. Every diamond is a piece of perfection with a perfect symmetry and perfect proportion. So come down to the store and see our Hearts on Fire wedding band and bridal ring range exclusively.

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Check out what’s been happening in the world of jewelry as well as the world of colored diamonds and gemstones. Topics are discussed including advice, latest news and tips on the best jewelry Vancouver BC has to offer! Our jewelers talk about brands Margo Morrison, Scott Kay and Lori Bonn. If its information you after we cover information about diamonds, gemstones or the GIA 4C’s Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat.

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See our beautiful range of Bonn Bon charm bracelets, customise them yourself or get help from us and choose which charms to wear. They look great with anything! Come down to the store in Yaletown and have a custom ring made by our in house Graduate Gemologist and stylist Monica Tsao. She can help turn the idea you have into a reality and all custom made jewelry can be made for that special occasion.

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