2012 London Olympics

2012The 2012 London Olympics featured the largest ever medals weighing in at just under a pound with a diameter of 3 inches. They were almost double the size of the medals from the last summer games in Beijing in 2008. However, although these medals are extremely large, they may be valued as low as $4.50 Canadian.

The International Olympic Committee had set out specific rules for how much gold, silver and copper must be in each of the medals. The gold medal must contain 550 grams of high quality silver and 6 grams of gold. Therefore, the 2012 London Olympics gold medal was made up of 92.5% silver, 6.16% copper and only 1.34% gold. As raw metal, the gold medal is worth around $640 Canadian. The silver medal was made the same way as the gold except that the gold portion was replaced by copper. This significantly decreases the price to around $330 Canadian. The bronze medal is of course the cheapest and is made up of 97% copper, 2.5% zinc and 0.5% tin.

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