Heart-Shaped Diamonds

Heart Shaped Diamond RingWhen you think of an engagement ring, many things may come to mind – love, commitment and loyalty. No cut is more romantic than the heart-shape to solidify this token of an everlasting bond. It is said that the fourth finger on your left hand has a vein that connects directly to the heart, how fitting to have a heart shaped diamond, as your beloved gives you his heart to link directly to yours.

For (more…)

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Sotheby’s Hong Kong 2012

SothebysSotheby’s Hong Kong will hold their annual Magnificent Jewels and Jadeite Spring Sale on April 3rd at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. It will feature an array of precious jewels estimated at $75 to $92 million, which includes all 358 lots.

The sale is led by a showstopping 8.01 carat, VVS1 fancy vivid blue diamond ring commanding an estimate price of $11.5 to $14 million. A statement (more…)

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2012 Celebrity Engagement Rings

Amber Rose's Engagement RingIn 2012 several celebrities have been popped the question and given engagement rings which are the talk of the town. Some of the celebrities include Halle Berry, Drew Barrymore and Amber Rose.

Halle Berry’s fiancé, Olivier Martinez had Halle take an ancient Phoenician alchemy test in order to determine her favorite colors, shapes and numbers, etc. What was the outcome you may ask? A four-carat emerald! (more…)

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Making The Grade

How do we determine the price of a colored diamond? Who makes the classifications between light and fancy? Naturally occurring colored diamonds are rare; fancy colored diamonds are even rarer. It is estimated that only 2% of total rough diamond production yields a fancy color, any color really, including pink, green and yellow.

GIA Color GradingDevelopment of the color grading system began in the 1950’s, when the (more…)

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Christie’s Auctions Off “Reluctant Heiress” Jewels

Hugette ClarkJust three months after the record-breaking sales of the late Elizabeth Taylor’s jewelry collection, Christie’s has once again nabbed another collection that brings intrigue, nostalgia, and fabulous diamonds. This one belonged to Hugette M. Clark, a Montana copper mining heiress whose father built his vast fortunes mining copper, building railroads and founding Las Vegas.

Hugette Clark passed away (more…)

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$5 Million Dollar Watch

WatchLately we have seen many items of high value being introduced into the market. A very popular item that’s seems to be on almost everyone are watches. Especially here in Vancouver, the trend has been spreading like wild fire. This time around Hublot has taken it to another level. They have designed and created a watch with more than 1,200 diamonds, totaling a cool $5 million.

With the watch being (more…)

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One Of A Kind Mikimoto Necklace

The 40th edition of the Baselworld 2012 Fair ended on March 15th after a successful week. Every year, the Baselworld Fair showcases luxury product lines for the watches and jewelry industry. Renowned jewelry houses from around the world come to represent their brands, they also come to admire new additions from other brands.

Mikimoto jewelers had outdone themselves this year, introducing jade into (more…)

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What Is A Synthetic Diamond?

Synthetic DiamondMany people wonder what the difference between natural and synthetic diamonds are. The most obvious difference between the two is that natural diamonds are found inside the Earth whereas synthetic diamonds are manufactured in a factory or laboratory rather than an mined underground. The common misconception is that these synthetic diamonds are ‘fake’. When in actuality the diamonds are still diamonds, (more…)

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Glow In The Dark Diamonds

Diamond Ultraviolet LightEver step under a black light? Your teeth, eyes, white clothes and even your diamonds can glow! Diamond fluorescence is the visible light some diamonds release while being exposed to ultraviolet (UV) rays. According to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), fluorescence refers to the intensity or strength of the diamonds reaction to the UV rays.

Diamonds which possess fluorescence are in fact (more…)

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How To Choose Jewelry

EarringsWhen picking clothes, shoes or handbags we look for items which best reflect your personality and style. The same goes for jewelry. When you we go out into public we are inadvertently sending out a message depending on our image. With jewelry, people lean towards pieces which attract them most whether being colored gemstones, sterling silver or gold. In addition, every occasion or event has an appropriate (more…)

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