Alexandrite at Auction

AlexandriteA 15.35 carat rare alexandrite displaying chameleon-like qualities makes the headlines at Government Auction’s April 29th showcase, among the 1,200 lots of fine jewelry, cars and art.

What is alexandrite? One of the lesser known and underrated gemstones in the market, its unique quality is its color-shifting. In natural daylight, the gemstone appears bright green, but in normal indoor lighting it (more…)

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Iconic Tiffany Diamond Reset for 175th Anniversary

DiamondTo mark the 175th anniversary of Tiffany & Co., the company is resetting the Tiffany Diamond – one of the world’s finest and largest fancy yellow diamonds.

The iconic diamond started out as a rough stone of 287.42 carats, mined from the South African Kimberly mines in 1877. It was acquired a year later by founder Charles Lewis Tiffany, who brought it to his Paris workshop where it was cut into (more…)

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Rochester’s Annual Diamond Dash

When was the last time you participated in a scavenger hunt with a grand prize diamond ring worth over $13,000? This happened on Saturday, April 14th when the city of Rochester, New York became the playing ground for its’ Annual Diamond Dash.Diamond Ring

About 300 couples participated in the city event which ran from 9 a.m. to around noon. There were many challenges that required use of mental power including (more…)

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Opals For Spring!

OpalsOpals are one of the most versatile gemstones out there. They come in many colors: clear through white, gray, black, red, orange, green, blue, magenta, pink, brown and varying hues in between. Opals come in variations of optical density as well, from completely opaque to semi-transparent.

The majority of opals come from Australia, which produces about 97% of the world’s opal supply. Unlike many (more…)

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Angelina Jolie Sporting an Engagement Ring!

Angelina BradThe rumors are true – Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, one of Hollywood’s most well-known power couples are engaged to be married. They share six children together, three of their own and three adopted. In fact, they have admitted that their children were the main reason behind the engagement – Angelina said in an interview with ABC News “I think it would be hard to say no to the kids.” So she said yes (more…)

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Liv Haley, New Collection!

Bio RingThe new collection of Liv Haley at Secret Sapphire can be described as simple and sophisticated jewelry. This collection has been created by two young, innovative women who enjoy combining natural colored stones with metal in order to create a timeless piece of jewelry.

Each piece being handcrafted makes them unique and special. All the stones are set in sterling silver, 18K vermeil or 14K gold. (more…)

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April is Diamond Month!

DiamondWith April comes the season of spring – butterflies, blooming flowers, and sunshine. What better way to celebrate it than with dazzling diamonds that are just as radiant? For those whose birthdays fall in April, you are in luck for the diamond is your birthstone.

The word diamond comes from the Greek word “adamastos”, which translates in English to “invincible”. When it comes to strength, it is (more…)

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Hunger Games Pin Brought To Life

Mockingjay PinWhen choosing jewelry for films, designers such as Dana Schneider are given a huge responsibility for portraying the characters and movie direction. Dana Schneider has designed jewelry for more than 40 movies such as The Matrix, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Green Lantern and her first film, Johnny Depp’s From Hell.

In the Hunger Games, Jane Schneider created the symbolic Mockingjay Pin which (more…)

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Edmonton’s Ten Carat Pink Sparkler

Pink Diamond RingA diamond house in Edmonton has been chosen to showcase a 10-carat Fancy Light Purplish Pink radiant cut beauty from April 13-17.

The diamond, cut from a rare rough stone of 21.35 carats found in a South African mine, is one of the largest rough pinks ever mined. It even tops Australia’s largest rough pink diamond, found in the famous Rio Tinto Argyle mine, which weighs in at 12.76 carats. Because (more…)

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Cufflinks: A History of Elegance

CufflinksWhen it comes to men’s fashion, we must concede that they do not have as many choices as women do. The patterns, colors, and styles of clothing are more limited, and even more so when we cross the realm into professional attire. One of the most popular ways to express individuality, interests, or affluence is through the use of cufflinks.

Dating back to the seventeenth century, cufflinks first appeared (more…)

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