3.37 Carat ‘Purple Orchid’ Diamond

Dubbed the “Purple Orchid”, this cushion cut fancy intense pinkish-purple natural diamond is an extraordinary gem by any standards, and is also one of the largest purple diamonds in the world. At 3.37 carats and with VS2 clarity, it is a truly rare find.

Natural purple diamonds are split into two categories: violet diamonds, which are less rare and lean towards blue-grey on the color spectrum, and purple diamonds which usually have pink or red secondary colors. Purple diamonds with no second color modifiers are the rarest of them all. Generally they are found in one or two carat sizes at the most, and only a small percentage have vivid or dark intensity.

Purple diamonds owe their hue to amounts of hydrogen atoms in the crystalline carbon structure; a greater amount of hydrogen corresponds to a greater color intensity in the diamond.

The ‘Purple Orchid’ was cut from a 4-carat plus diamond rough sourced from the famous Kimberley Mine in South Africa. Over the course of three months, a team of skilled cutters radiant orchid pantonewhittled it down and polished it into the 3.37 carat cushion cut beauty it is now. This is quite an impressive feat, considering that most times the cutting and polishing process takes away half or more of the rough weight of a diamond.

Appropriately, the diamond’s debut coincides with Pantone’s 2014 Color of the Year, Radiant Orchid. The global color authority describes the sensational hue as “a captivating harmony of fuschia, purple, and pink undertones”.

This is a stone that comes along once-in-a-lifetime, and has a price tag to match – it is currently valued at approximately $4 million, or $1.18 million per carat. It is now debuting at the highly revered annual Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair, which is open to the public for viewing.