Alexandrite at Auction

AlexandriteA 15.35 carat rare alexandrite displaying chameleon-like qualities makes the headlines at Government Auction’s April 29th showcase, among the 1,200 lots of fine jewelry, cars and art.

What is alexandrite? One of the lesser known and underrated gemstones in the market, its unique quality is its color-shifting. In natural daylight, the gemstone appears bright green, but in normal indoor lighting it changes to a golden yellow. It first made its debut as use in jewelry in the 19th century; Russian jewelers who were fascinated by the stone’s ability to change color under different lighting reserved them only for their most important clients. The stone’s name comes from Tsar Alexander II, who favored the stones.

Government Auction’s chief auctioneer Paul Sabesky says of the top lot: “An alexandrite stone of this quality and size is highly sought after by gemstone experts, connoisseurs and investors alike.” Certified by the Gemological Institute of America, this first-of-its-kind alexandrite holds an estimate value of $85,000 – $167,000.

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