All That Glitters is Platinum

Platinum Rings

What is platinum? Platinum is a rare metal that has made its way into mainstream use for engagement ring settings, and for good reason. It does not cause problems for people with sensitive skin, the color is brilliantly bright, it is scratch resistant, and can be molded into more complicated designs. The most common form is 950 platinum, which is 95% pure and 5% alloy of other metals such as iridium to give it a whiter appearance.

There are many reasons why platinum is better than gold for long-term, continuous wear. First of all, platinum is stronger and less prone to scratches than gold, yet can be fabricated easier when making intricate designs such as on an engagement ring setting. Platinum’s color is naturally white so it complements the sparkle of the diamond beautifully. It’s natural color also never fades, making it the perfect symbol of enduring love.

Now is the perfect opportunity to buy platinum, just in time for the key holiday engagement season and especially because platinum is currently trading at a price below gold. Now you can get extraordinary value for something that will last you a lifetime!

Here at Secret Sapphire in Yaletown, we offer a collection of platinum rings as well as a bespoke engagement ring shopping experience. Co-founder Monica Tsao, an accredited jewelry professional and graduate gemologist by GIA with 10 years of experience in the industry, can design a custom piece for you and your loved one. Come and make an appointment if you want something of high quality that is unique and sentimental.