And the survey says…

CaptureIn selecting a perfect surprise engagement ring most guys are no long alone in making that decision, and often times it’s not a surprise as to what the ring will look like. Guys want the gal to love it and wear it always and forever so now a days the wife to be will get in on the selection. A survey from reveals that 70% of brides have an input on which ring to buy.

They posed a question, “Who really selected your ring?” from this 30% of brides said it was a joint decision and 30% said it was their partners sole decision. This leaves 12% of brides making a sole decision themselves on the ring and another 26% saying it was their partners’ decision with some of their involvement. That was about the whole ring in general but we have all seen engagement rings and some that are custom can get simple or complex. With a wide range of sizes types, diamond color and cut plus metals of gold or rose gold… there’s a lot to choose from!

The survey had an important feature section where they asked about color of the diamond, size, deign of ring, price, and sentimental nature of the ring. One of the most important features was the overall design that 86% of brides agreed on. That answer topped off all the others. The least important feature surprisingly enough was the size of the diamond rating at 47% good thing for those husbands because 80% of the ring gets paid for by them! Thanks honey!

When the selection of the ring was ready to made there comes a bit of a disconnect I guess because the woman is the one who in the end has to wear it so she wanted more of a say in the setting instead of what type of stone it was. Brides rated the setting of the stone at 55% above the stone type at 22%. While the partner believed the opposite he though the type of stone was at a greater importance being 50% and the setting down to 20%… well they do say opposites attract!

In regards to diamond cuts the round and princess-cut diamonds were the most popular choices. Almost half are flaunting their round and princess cuts at 46% for round and 31% princess, while further down the list was cushion coming in at 5% and emerald cut at 3% same as marquise.

So next time you go to make the decision depending which end you are on, the bride or the groom, it makes a difference as to what you two can agree upon. In the end a ring that says “I love you forever” will have to be comfortable for her to wear that long so it might be a good idea to include your bride in some of the decision making. Making it an enjoyable fun and rewarding experience for you both and in the end a perfectly selected ring to “oow” and “ahh” over. Visit us at Secret Sapphire for more information on how we can co-create that perfect ring!