Annual Hong Kong Jewelry Design Show

Beautiful, unique and innovative; these are only a few words to describe the pieces of jewelry created for the annual Hong Kong Jewelry Design Competition (HKTDC). The 13th Annual HKTDC has chosen its winners, and will display them at the 29th Annual Hong Kong International Jewelry Show which is underway starting February 16-20, located at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center.

In the competition, two groups, the ‘open group’ and ‘student group’, competed for the winning positions. The theme they were competing with this year was the ‘Soaring Dragon”, in relevance to the Chinese identifying this year as the Year of the Dragon. Among the 300 competitors, they were judged based on their creativity, innovation, aesthetics, craftsmanship, marketability, functionality and theme relevance.Style Ring

One of the winners who won Best in Show created an “Interstellar Dream” ring.Style Ring

Another winner for Best in Show created an innovative set of rings called “Soaring Dragon” depicting the legend of a dragon dancing to capture a red pearl.

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