History of the Asscher Cut

AsscherThere are many shapes to choose from when picking a diamond, and it all really comes down to personal preference and style. The Asscher shape is a step-cut stone, meaning its facets are long and rectangular, lending to its appearance a glassy shine and large flashes of brilliance.

The Asscher cut was named after the Asscher brothers who developed the original 58-facet cut in 1902. They were the founders of the Amsterdam-based Asscher Diamond Company, and were famous in their time for cutting many prestigious named diamonds for royalty.

The Asscher is commonly referred to as a “square emerald cut” because most of the ones in the market today are just that – emeralds with close to a 1:1 length to width ratio. They share the step-cut and blunted corner features, but the Asscher has a pointed culet (the bottommost facet of a stone) instead of the emerald’s long flat culet. This feature is one of the main appeals of an Asscher cut. It draws the eye into the center of the stone, mesmerizing the observer with its dazzling depth.

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