Charming Enough?

GardenShopping last-minute for a jewelry gift? Pressure is on, 1 more days till Christmas, which leaves you 0 days to shop!

Well here’s a little secret, Secret Sapphire is the place to go! With easy-going and knowledgeable staff, even shopping for the pickiest person will be like a walk in the park. We are the ONLY store in Vancouver to carry this line of jewelry. Take advantage of it, and come byand check it out.

Can’t find a perfect piece of jewelry? Why not custom make your own bracelet or necklace with our wide range of Bonn Bon charms. Start off with a triple sterling silver bracelet, and then add as many charms as you’d like, even 1 to start off to make that unique bracelet. Show her how much you know about her! But don’t worry she can always add it. You will be able to find that perfect gift for that perfect person.

Unlike most charm bracelet brands in the market that consist of crystal or glass charms. Bonn Bon’s consist of semi-precious stones ranging from amethyst to champagne diamonds. So every charm has something extra special about it. We carry all the letters of the alphabet, and all the birthstones to accommodate each unique person.

The best thing about the Bonn Bon charm bracelet is every special occasion or event you can buy a charm and add it to her collection. An easy buy for anyone!

The best part beside the friendly staffs and finding that special gift is that you won’t even have to wrap it! Our staff here will help you wrap the gift with beautiful wrapping and a bow on top.

No mess, no stress!