How To Choose Jewelry

EarringsWhen picking clothes, shoes or handbags we look for items which best reflect your personality and style. The same goes for jewelry. When you we go out into public we are inadvertently sending out a message depending on our image. With jewelry, people lean towards pieces which attract them most whether being colored gemstones, sterling silver or gold. In addition, every occasion or event has an appropriate type of jewelry associated with it. You rarely see someone wearing a large diamond necklace with chandelier earrings to a corporate meeting. Instead we see them sporting a simple necklace with earring studs. Here are some tips on choosing your jewelry!

A must have in your jewelry collection is silver jewelry. It is affordable and extremely versatile. The jewelry can range from chunky to a dainty piece depending on the occasion. With every color of attire, silver always helps make the clothes pop. At Secret Sapphire we carry a sterling silver line, Lusciouss which has a large variety of sterling silver pieces from rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Here are some tips on choosing your jewelry!

Gold jewelry is also essential in one’s collection. Bold, statement pieces are wonderful to have in a collection in order to make a boring or plain outfit stand out! With that black or white plan dress, a chunky gold necklace can make all the difference. At Secret Sapphire we have a large collection of gold jewelry by Monica Tsao. We have rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings of every shape and size.

Bracelets are very unique to the person. Many people love to wear a bundle of bracelets with every outfit. Whereas some like to wear one statement piece which works just as good. If you aren’t one to change your bracelet day after day, a charm bracelet like a Bon Bonn bracelet is ideal which we carry here at Secret Sapphire.

Necklaces in general are a must have. Depending on the outfit, the length of the necklace makes a big difference. A plain t-shirt looks spectacular with a bold long opera necklace. In contrast, a flashy or sparkly shirt which doesn’t need to be dressed up anymore can be paired with a simple 16” or 17” necklace. Secret Sapphire carries a multitude of collections with necklaces of every length and orientation. Margo Morrison, Lusciouss, Monica Tsao, Christophe Danhier, and Hearts on Fire.

Here at Secret Sapphire we carry a large range of jewelry, catering to every need. Whatever your palate, we have the jewelry to suit it. Come by Yaletown and check out our international collections! There is such a large variety of jewelry on the market today. Whatever you are comfortable in and best suits your personality and outfit is what you should be looking for. Depending on the gemstone or metal your jewelry is made of take special care of it so that your jewelry lasts longer.