Christie’s Auction House Crowns new Record-Holding Gems

BlueChristie’s Magnificent Jewels sale in Geneva last week crowned new record-holders in numerous categories, including blue diamonds, pink diamonds, blue-green diamonds, pink sapphires and color-change alexandrite’s.

The showstopper of the auction was an incredible flawless fancy vivid blue diamond dubbed “The Blue”, weighing in at an impressive 13.22 carats. This pear-shaped gem is billed as the largest of its kind to come to auction, and at the final hammer price of $23.8 million it is also the highest price ever paid per carat for a fancy vivid blue diamond.

Another record breaking gem is this light pink square step-cut diamond, the 76.51ct centerpiece of a multi-diamond necklace. The pink centre stone is highlighted by a surrounding of a mosaic of fancy yellow diamonds, and suspended from a chain of fancy cut diamonds and set in platinum. This necklace topped its estimate and sold to a private bidder at $10.2 million, which is the highest price ever paid for a fancy light pink diamond.

The “Ocean Dream”, a 5.50 carat fancy vivid blue-green triangular cut diamond is the largest of its kind to be graded by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). It now holds two records after being sold at $8.8 million for also being the highest price paid at auction for a fancy vivid blue-green diamond.Pink

Diamonds were not the only gems making news at Christie’s Magnificent Jewels sale. A color change alexandrite weighing at 21.41 carats surprised everyone when it sold for $1.49 million, over double its estimate. The square cut gem is very rare indeed, due to its large size and its’ color changing property from purple to green being very distinct. Another gem, a spectacular 49 carat square pink sapphire also broke the record for pink sapphires at auction when it sold for $2.01 million. It surpassed its high estimate 10 times over.