Cobalt and Ceramic Rings

Cobolt RingGold prices are on the rise, which creates a niche for more industrial-type metals being used for fashion rings and alternative wedding bands. Cobalt and ceramic are among the most popular newer alternative metals being used for rings. They both have different properties which make them suitable for different audiences.

Ceramic RingCobalt is a shiny white, brittle metal that is used to produce strong corrosion and heat resistant alloys. One of its greatest attributes is that it will stay brilliant white forever –unlike platinum– because the color comes from the metal itself, and not a shiny plated surface. It rivals tungsten and titanium in strength and durability without being too heavy or too light – its weight is in-between the feather-light titanium, and the heaviness of tungsten. It also features a scratch-resistant surface that will not tarnish, fade, or chip. Men’s cobalt chrome rings are hypoallergenic and resizable as well, giving you more flexibility.

Cobolt RingTitanium carbide (TiC) is also known as high-tech ceramic. All carbide ceramics are known for their extremely high melting points; high-tech ceramic melts at 3,100 degrees Celsius. Other notable uses of high-tech ceramic include plating of bullet-proof vests, cutting tools, and coating meant to prevent wear and tear. It also has been known to have been used partially to form space-shuttle shields. On the Mohs Scale of Hardness, high-tech ceramic ranks at a nine out of ten, while steel is a seven and platinum is a 4.5. Because it is virtually indestructible, it will also resist imperfections such as nicks and scratches over time. They are very comfortable as well due to an option for a “comfort fit”, which is a rounded inner surface that hugs the finger. On top of all of these great qualities, high-tech ceramic is also hypoallergenic so anybody can wear it.Ceramic Ring

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