Cocktail Rings

RingCocktail rings are large, dramatic rings that give a splash of style to any outfit. These rings were first introduced during the prohibition in the USA when women would wear them to illegal cocktail parties. They gave off the idea that these women could do whatever they wanted however they wanted. Now these rings can be worn up or worn down and come in many different styles.

Cocktail rings are here to stay in a big way. They hold such incredible style in one tiny piece of jewelry. They are able to add an extra pizazz to any outfit. They are able to make big, bold and fabulous to elegant to casual statements.

RingHere at Secret Sapphire we offer a variety of cocktail rings including some in our Liv Haley line. The Liv Haley line is sold exclusively here and offers a variety of cocktail rings in 14k gold, silver and vermeil. They are adorned with an assortment of precious stones including, but not limited to, onyx, opal, aventurine, turquoise, chrysoprase, chalcedony and quartz. Come in to 493 Davie Street to check out our selection, or tell us what you’re looking for and we can help you customize a unique cocktail ring made just for you.