Choosing Colored Accent Stones

RingThere is a field of study that is solely focused on the psychology of color: the impact of different colors on the way that we feel, and the ways that others interpret the colors we wear. Here are some meanings and explanations of a few popular colors, and some of the ways that you can you take advantage of this in jewelry.

It is no wonder why white is generally used for weddings, hospitals, and high class gatherings (think country clubs, white parties). The color is associated with purity and a sense of class; the most popular color for diamonds is colorless, which makes it shine bright white. You can never go wrong with white diamonds, they are timeless. You can enhance the centerpiece white diamond with accent colored stones, or alternatively choose a colored stone as your centerpiece.

Cheerful yellow, like the color of the sun is associated with laughter, happiness, and good times. People who are surrounded by the color yellow are found to be more optimistic as the yellow triggers the brain to release more of the chemical serotonin, responsible for making us happy. A lighter yellow can evoke feelings of calm and mellowness, and is one of the most popular choices for color schemes of newborn’s rooms.

Ask a number of people their favorite color and the majority will say blue. Much of our world is blue, in the skies and the seas. For this reason, blue is the color of dependability and steadfastness. People are more productive in a blue room, because it makes them more calm and focused. Nearly all sports are enhanced in blue surroundings; one example is competitive gymnastics – which use blue mat floors – and requires great focus.

By far the most calming, happy color is pink. Pink is the true color of love, to be surrounded by pink would make you feel more romantic and evoke feelings of gentleness and soothing. This makes it a very desirable choice in use of engagement or wedding rings.

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