Consumer Jewelry Spending Habits: JCK Magazine

JCKJewelers’ Circular Keystone or JCK is a reputable jewelry industry specific online publication, including industry news, trends, and analysis. The online magazine recently published a survey – Jewelry and Watch Spending Habits; below are some highlights outlined in the article:

  • 70% of people say they patronize independent jewelry stores; 31% say they often shop at their local jeweler. 70% of those with higher household incomes report that they have a relationship with a jeweler or salesperson they trust.
  • Subsequently, 46% say that brand names matter, but not as much as advice from trusted jewelry salespeople or recommendations from close family and friends. In the study, 46% of respondents say that buying from a trusted retailer has “a lot of impact” on their level of trust and is a good indication they are buying a quality piece of fine jewelry.
  • 35% are willing to pay a premium for fine jewelry that is a one of a kind piece. Who doesn’t love feeling special?

There are many factors that go into the decision of buying a piece of jewelry. Of course there is the piece itself, the quality, materials, craftsmanship and value all play equally important roles. The quality and craftsmanship you can gather by looking and touching the item, but it is almost always impossible to tell the materials apart by the naked eye. This is why it is so important to buy fine jewelry from a jeweler you trust, even better if they are a certified gemologist so they can differentiate themselves between types of stones and the quality!

Co-founder of Secret Sapphire and graduate gemologist (GIA) Monica Tsao believes in personalized customer service, honest practices, and above all, quality jewelry! She has channeled her impeccable aesthetic taste, knowledge and experience in the industry, and love for people into creating this boutique jewelry shop in Vancouver’s Yaletown district. Many of the pieces in the display cases are unique, one-of-a-kind items collected from her time travelling around the world to jewelry shows, yet still manages to fill a range of budgets. Monica also does custom design jewelry – to book an appointment call (604) 558 – 3638 or come down to 493 Davie St.