Getting Creative with Bon Bonns

Bon Bonn Golddigger CharmRecently, one of our clients came by to take a look at our selection of Bon Bonn charms and fell in love. To add her own personal twist to the lovely charms, she decided to fashion her own setting for them.

The “Gold Digger” charm caught her eye right away – the gold drusy stone is cut in such a way that brings its full sparkle potential, similar in appearance to large reflective glitter. She made it into a fashion ring by tying it in with a piece of brown cord, which sets off the gold color beautifully while transforming it into a more bohemian look!

Two weeks later, she came back shopping for another charm as a gift for one of her family members – an eleven year old girl! There are so many versatile charms in the Bon Bonn collection that can appeal to many age groups. She decided upon the “I Dew” charm, a lovely milky blue chalcedony which she made into a bracelet by braiding brown and blue cords together. We love the result! It is a gift with the perfect mix: quality gemstone charm and the thoughtfulness of a handmade bracelet.

Get your creative juices flowing for gift ideas and visit Secret Sapphire to view the Bon Bonns collection. Let’s see what you can come up with!