Luxuriously Adorned Peacock Cuff Bracelet

BraceletInspired by the opulent age of the Indian Mughal Empire, where the reigning royalty demanded nothing but the best and biggest jewels, this cuff captures the important symbols and architectural style beautifully.

The entire creation is handmade and meticulously fashioned step by step by a single artisan over the course of three months for the jewelry brand Amrapali. The cuff features a wide gold base with scale patterns, connecting at one end to form a richly decorated architecture piece, flanked on either side by a glittering silver peacock.

In Indian culture, peacocks are a symbol of beauty. They are often spotted prancing around in the gardens of Mughal paintings, or around the feet of Mughal princess portraits. This pair is constructed of sterling silver and adorned with 7.50 carats of rose-cut and full-cut diamonds. To keep with the theme of a period jewelry piece, silver was chosen instead of white gold so that when it oxidizes it will give off a more antique look.

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