Cultured Pearls

PearlsThe best-loved gems of all time. What are pearls? Pearl is a hard object produced by a living shelled mollusk. Pearls are formed naturally over time by nature but with the high in demand for them natural pearls are very rare and expensive. Therefore with the help of technology and researches, pearls can be farmed. There are two types of pearls, natural and cultured pearls.

Natural pearls are known as the organic gems that form naturally without the help of human of any kind in the bodies of the mollusks. Natural pearls started to disappear in the twentieth century due to the over-fishing and pollution in the world. Natural pearl is now only available through antique dealers and auction.

Cultured pearls (farmed pearls) are pearls form with the help of human. Skilled technicians would insert one or more nuclei from one mollusk to another, which would act as a trigger to the secretion of nacre. This is the start of the implantation and it would take about 18 months to 3 years until a pearl is formed.

Although pearls are relatively hard and tough environmental factor can harm them. High heat can burn and cause discoloration, cracking and splitting to cultured pearls. When they are exposure to intense light for an extensive amount of time it may lead to dehydration and the crackling of the nacre. Chemicals related products such as hair spray, perfume and cosmetics should be kept away from the pearls to keep them in a good condition.

Types of Ocean Cultured Pearl

Akoya – are produced in Japan and China and is the most popular in jewelry. It ranges from 6mm to 8mm and most have a white to cream body color, but also come s in yellow, gray and blue.

South Sea – this seawater cultured pearls can be found in Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar and Thailand. They usually range from 8mm to 18mm in size and most common colors are white, cream and golden.

Tahitian – this type of cultured pearls are produced around the island of French Polynesia and they range from white to black in color. Other colors may include dark metallic green and purples. The sizes are about 8mm to 17mm.