Custom Jewellery

Custom JewelryThere are countless jewellery designs available in retail stores and online, but this does not necessarily make it easy to choose a piece for you. Wedding and engagement rings that are worn every day are especially difficult to choose as you want this ring to be perfect. There are several different aspects to consider and it is important to take your time to decide and to speak with a knowledgeable jewellery professional who can talk with you about these details.

What style do you want?

So you will have an idea of your personal style and have been inspired by pictures and samples you have seen while you have been shopping around. Seeing a custom jewellery designer will give you the opportunity to bring all these aspects to the table and come up with a unique design to bring together all the things you want in a piece of jewellery. The designer will work with you to create a project and advise you on the aspects of the design such as wearability.

What stone do you want?

Sometimes you may find a ring you love, but you don’t want a diamond, you would rather a topaz, for example, because it is your birthstone. A gemmologist is the person to talk to in this instance because they can source the right stone for you. Did you know that topaz comes in all colours of the rainbow? Did you know that some stones will look different under different lights and also depending on the way it is cut and polished? Did you know that some stones are softer than others and not suitable for wearing as an everyday ring? There are many things to consider when choosing the right stone to put in your jewellery and for that perfect piece it is well worth a consultation.

What metal do you want?

There are silver metals that range in tone from greyish through to bright white. Gold from yellow, to deep gold, rose and green. Ceramic can even have the appearance of dark metal and is stronger than many metals. Some are heavy, some are more appropriate for setting stones than others, some tarnish. Maybe you want a comfort fit silver coloured wedding band – have you considered cobalt as a lighter weight, highly durable and non-allergenic alternative to white gold? Do you want it engraved? Speaking with a jewellery professional will give you a better idea of what material will suit you and your lifestyle best.

The finished piece

Once the design is finished and you have chosen the materials, it will be sent to a goldsmith to be made. Make sure you follow recommendations and look at pieces that have been made by them previously. Your design deserves only the best quality craftsmanship available.

At Secret Sapphire Luxury Jewellery in Vancouver our in house GIA gemmologist and jewellery designer, Monica Tsao, can help you throughout the jewellery design process from choosing your favourite diamond or other gemstone to designing the setting and getting it made. Visit the shop at 493 Davie Street and check out her blog at to see her extensive portfolio of previous custom pieces. In the store we also carry exclusive brands such as Hearts on Fire, Christophe Danhier, Margo Morrison, Lusciouss, and others. We are open Tuesday to Saturday 10.30 to 5.30 or call us at 604-588-3638 to book an appointment.