What Goes Into Custom Made Jewelry?

You may have heard of celebrities collaborating with jewelers to custom design anything from engagement rings to anniversary gifts to red carpet adornments. Their designs are generally very elaborate, exclusive, and expensive! However, custom made jewelry isn’t only for the rich and famous. Here we include a breakdown of the process and what you can expect.

One of the main benefits of custom made pieces is that you will be able to tweak every aspect of the piece and highlight the most important one to you depending on your price range. For example, the type of metal – silver, gold, platinum – will be chosen based on your lifestyle and needs, and the purity chosen can significantly affect price. The same goes for the gemstones in the piece; some are similar in appearance, and some have more durability than others.

Depending on the complexity of the piece, custom crafted jewelry can take about two weeks and up to complete. The first step is the consultation, where a client meets with a designer to discuss ideas. It is very important to select someone with whom you can communicate well with and trust, as the designer is the knowledge base who will translate your ideas into a functional piece of jewelry. It is good to be flexible on your design because while many things can be done, some are impractical. Your designer should be very honest with you about the limitations of a design, and suggest some alternatives. Because this is a visual process, it is recommended that you bring pictures of styles that you like, and the designer will often draw up a preliminary sketch if needed.

After the consultation, the designer will confer with a goldsmith about the details. The goldsmith will then start to make the piece. Before it is handed over to the client, the designer will carry out a final inspection to ensure that it adequately incorporates elements in the sketch as well as quality check the craftsmanship.

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