Custom Sound Wave Ring

RingThis creation is very unique and inspiring! A one of a kind expression with your own personal sound wave etched right into the ring. By recording your personal voice message the designer then takes the image of your sound wave and carves it into the ring. Sound wave jewellery by Danielle Crampsie is a perfect personalized way to have something totally custom. A soundwave just like a fingerprint is unique and individual to each person. The pitch, tone, and volume of your voice create a different wave length. By creating a personal code you can give someone a special secret message for them to wear and share. A phrase, a loving name, a quote you share, or your favorite song can all be expressed on your ring.

The ideas for customizing your ring just get more and more unique. Not only a ring but you can make them into a pendant, cufflinks, earrings or dog tag! They also incorporate stones and decorative finishes.

RingThe designer got the inspiration to do this when she realized that the analog era was ending and our society was advancing to the digital age. In the boom of the new digital technology analog mediums were being discounted. With this new medium a voice can be recorded into digital sound and along with that the image to view what the sound actually looks like came about with new technology and computer programs. Danielle started to explore what the symbols and waves looked like and began to create a visual language.

Customization of rings are becoming more popular as couples seek to give their loved one something as unique as them.  Secret Sapphire in Yaletown has a luxury boutique where we can sit down with you and create your own personalized item for yourself or someone special in your life. Come on  and we can explore your options!