Designers I Like… Lusciouss

Jewelry RingWhen I walked into Secret Sapphire for the first time, what immediately caught my eye were the beautiful sterling silver pieces of the Lusciouss collection. They were big, bold pieces but at the same time also delicate-looking and feminine. I could easily imagine them being worn on a casual Sunday to a fancy dinner party and everything in between.

Unlike any of the silver/sterling silver jewelry I have seen, Lusciouss designs are unique and intricate. They use a high quality alloy of silver, which keeps them looking very shiny and very white for a long time. Most of the pieces are made to be flexible (which makes these larger pieces more comfortable to wear) and are lightweight but substantial enough to withstand normal wear and tear. They focus on the craftsmanship and quality, without sacrificing affordability – their price range is anywhere from $170 to $790, depending on the size of the piece. They definitely look more expensive than they are!Elisha

Along with sterling silver, they also use some precious gemstones such as black onyx, citrine, and blue topaz to create their necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets.