Desserts Are Like Diamonds

DessertDesserts, like diamonds, really are a girl’s best friend.

This world famous dessert combines both diamonds and desserts in a unique masterpiece. This chocolate pudding was created by the head chef of Lindeth Howe Country House Hotel in Cumbria, United Kingdom, Marc Guibert. It comes styled in a Faberge gold egg and is decorated with a two-carat diamond.The dessert consists of a chocolate pudding made up of four different types of the finest Belgian chocolates. It is layered with a biscuit joconde and topped off with champagne caviar infused with peach, orange and whiskey flavours. It is decorated with the most expensive edible gold leaves.Dessert

This chocolate pudding has broken all records for most expensive dessert in the world with a price tag of over $34,500, surpassing the infamous Frrozen Haute Chocolate costing $25,000. This previous record was held by the restaurant DessertSerendipity 3 in New York. This world famous dessert is infused with 5 grams of 23-carat gold and is served in a golden goblet lined with edible gold. It is accompanied by an 18-karat gold bracelet with 1-carat of white diamonds. This dessert can be enjoyed with the gold spoon set it comes with which is decorated with white and chocolate-coloured diamonds. Both of these desserts are clearly timeless pieces, come into Secret Sapphire today to create your own unique masterpiece!