Gemstone and Diamond Facials

Gemstone TherapyThe newest trend to hit the skin care market is gemstone facials! These luxurious treatments are said to hydrate dry, tired skin and restore radiance.

The selected stone is ground to a micro-fine powder and added along with a special mixture of vitamin rich oils and aromatherapy essences. The concoction is then applied directly to the face, where it works its magic.

Touted as having beneficial healing powers, users can choose from a variety of stones depending on their spiritual and skin needs. Choose ruby for treating skin infections and improving blood circulation; this gem of the sun gives lustre to the skin and is a source of Vitamin A as well. Emerald is considered the best gem to use for anti-ageing and repairing the skin. This powerful high energy stone helps to rejuvenate and tone the skin, reducing fine lines and increasing elasticity. If you’re looking for a lightening treatment, diamonds are the answer. The hardest mineral on Earth, this will give you superior exfoliation that will eliminate scars and blemishes and smooth out your skin tone.