Diamond Jubilee

Crown JewelsThis year marks the diamond jubilee, or 60th anniversary, of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign. To celebrate this event, there is an exhibit at Buckingham Palace of some of her diamond jewelry. The exhibit contains 10,000 diamonds encrusted on various jewelry and weaponry. Most of the jewelry at the exhibit is the Queen’s personal collection. Monarchs have always found that diamonds represent wealth and influence over a country and therefore are common amongst queens. While some of these pieces are timeless, the royal women have constantly redesigned much of their jewelry and adornments as fashions change.

The highlight of this exhibit is the popular Diamond Diadem often worn by the Queen. It can be seen worn by the Queen on stamps and coins. It is one of the most widely recognized pieces of jewelry with 1,333 diamonds and 169 pearls encrusted in it. It was created in 1821 for the coronation of King George IV and has been passed down since then.Queen

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