Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend, But…

Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend But…

The surge in popularity of diamonds began in the 1940s with the famous DeBeers campaign “A Diamond is Forever.” This marketing campaign changed the course of the diamond industry forever. After the 1950s demand for diamonds skyrocketed and have stayed there since. Previous to this time, diamond rings were rarely used in engagement rings and jewelry alike, as many opted instead for opals, turquoises, and rubies as more exotic forms to give as tokens of engagement. Now, diamonds have become symbolic icons of everlasting love and commitment.

While diamonds still remain the most sought after and coveted of all precious gemstones, colored gemstones are steadily rising in popularity. They are prized for their value and beauty as well as the many options of colors to choose from, making each piece feel special and unique. The popularity of vintage items in the fashion industry prompts increasing usage of colored gemstones in jewelry, with many designers specializing in them.


Margo Morrison NecklaceMargo Morrison NecklaceMargo Morrison Necklace





Needless to say, these precious gemstones have become a favorite for many celebrities to wear both on the red carpet or a casual outing, due to their versatility. Margo Morrison is one of the favorite jewelry designers to the stars, worn by many including Eva Longoria, Alexandra Ambrosio, and Kelly Ripa. Her jewelry style is all handcrafted, consisting of long draping lines of a variety of suspended stones such as turquoise, emerald, and sapphire intertwined with silk. She is based out of New York; however you can also find her jewelry in Vancouver at Secret Sapphire, a luxury jewelry boutique located in the heart of Vancouver’s Yaletown district. Secret Sapphire is the one of the only retailers in Canada to carry her line.

Margo Morrison And Eva Longoria