Diamonds – Birthstone For April

DiamondAries starts at the northern vernal equinox when the days and nights are equal length and marking the time of year that the sun takes over and days are to be longer than the nights in the northern hemisphere for the next half of the year. It is a time of year to celebrate the sun.

For centuries, diamonds have been coveted for their fiery sparkle like the sun, and for this reason, diamond is celebrated in April as the birthstone of people born in this month – the month that the sun finally takes over from the night.

Diamonds are the hardest substance on earth and are celebrated not only for their clarity and brilliance like the sun, but also for their steadfastness – their polish will outlast that of any other competitor – and so not only do they celebrate the bright light of the sun, but also the everlasting. For this reason they are often given as gifts of love, especially for marriage and engagement bands.

Diamonds are natural stones and so no two are exactly the same. They will be found in different clarity, cut, carat (size) and colour. Did you know that diamonds come in all colours of the rainbow?

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