Diamonds For The Duke And Duchess

Will And Kate In Yellowknife

In the past year, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge embarked on a royal tour spanning several countries including the United States, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. On their journey the royal couple have received a variety of gifts – ranging from odd to extravagant. Included among the list were a sleeping bag, a caribou antler, a paper-mache doll and a jar of Vegemite! When they were in California, the Governor himself presented them with an Ipad which accompanied a teddy bear from the Chief of Staff.

The gifts continued when they traveled north of the border to Canada. Prince William received a warm welcome and a flying helmet from the Royal Canadian Air Force, being a Search and Rescue Flight Lieutenant of the British Royal Air Force himself. He was also given a knife from the Canadian Rangers Patrol Group, and many board games to keep occupied in their spare time.

Kate received three pairs of shoes from the Minister of Foreign Affairs, a blue hat by the Minister of Alberta, many handmade scarves and a haul of jewelry to add to her fashionable wardrobe.

Probably the most notable gift received was a brooch and a pair of cufflinks, presented by Floyd K. Roland, Premier of the Northwest Territories when the couple visited the city of Yellowknife. These were not just any brooch and cufflinks. They were specially commissioned by Harry Winston, and contained a combined total of 692 pave diamonds set in platinum. According to the firm’s chairman, Robert Gannicott, it took their best craftsmen 250 hours to make the royal gifts. Will And Kate Gift

Traditionally, royal gifts are used to represent a unique aspect of the region it is presented in – in this case, the brooch and cufflinks were both crafted into the shape of the Northwest Territories’ polar bear logo. The diamonds used in the souvenirs are also Canadian. They were extracted from the Diavik mine, about 500 kilometers north of Yellowknife.

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