Sberbank’s Gold and Diamond Encrusted Credit Card

VisaRussian banking giant Sberbank is offering up an exclusive credit card, something that will bring a whole new meaning to the gold card.

Partnering with high-end credit card Visa Infinite, Sberbank will be offering a solid 24 karat gold version embedded with 26 round diamonds totalling 0.17 carats and featuring inlaid mother of pearl. It will make your wallet a lot heavier, literally – each card weighs between 40-50 grams.

This card will set clients back about $100,000: $65,000 goes towards the cost of the card itself, and $35,000 will go to their account. Membership is by invitation-only, and the bank is rumored to be offering it to their top 100 customers in the Kazakhstan branch. A Visa spokeswoman said: “Kazakhstan is an increasingly affluent market and this card was designed in response to the growing appetite for elite, status-symbol cards.”

The flashy card’s main physical feature is an elaborate engraving of a huntsman and a mythical winged creature, highlighted with inset diamonds. Decorative patterns surround it, inlaid with mother of pearl. The rest of the card has a slightly textured finish, giving the rich gold a subtle glint.