Dressing up Your Jewelry – Engagement Rings

RingsOne of the hardest parts of choosing an engagement ring is the setting style. Most people opt for a classic style, as engagement rings are meant to stand the test of time. But what if she changes her mind about the look down the road? Don’t worry – there is a solution for that. Ring enhancers can transform the look of a solitaire ring to a three-stone, five-stone, halo, cluster, and more.

A ring wrap (sometimes referred to as an insert) is typically in the form of a thin band with accent or side stones attached on one side, with a gap in between the stones. The idea is that when you put the two rings on together, the center of your engagement ring will fit perfectly in the gap and transform your ring into a completely different look!


This works best with a solitaire ring, but can also work well with a three-stone or halo.

Another type of enhancer are ring guards, which consist of two bands that go on either side of the engagement ring. These can range from simple diamond bands with a contoured shape, to complex, bold designs with many diamonds.  They can also be shaped to create a halo or cluster for a solitaire ring. Ring guards can be used to accentuate any style of engagement ring.


Ring enhancers can make your jewelry wardrobe fun and versatile, creating a variety of options to wear your wedding ring set. They would work wonderfully as an anniversary gift!

Bring your engagement ring into Secret Sapphire to discuss how we can custom-create a ring enhancer for you.