Duchess Craze!

Kate And Will

On Monday evening (December 19, 2011), the Dutch and Duchess of Cambridge attended the Sun Military Awards at the Imperial War Museum in London. Kate Middleton was wearing a strapless, black velvet Alexander McQueen dress alongside her hubby Prince William, on the red carpet.

Most importantly, Kate Middleton was wearing a stunning set of ruby and diamond earrings paired with a matching necklace and bracelet, which she received as a wedding gift. The ruby’s brought a sense of elegance and color to the royalty’s black ensemble.

Kate Middleton Military Awards

Rubies are considered to be one the four precious stones, along with diamonds, emeralds and sapphires. The name ruby comes from the Latin word Ruber, meaning red.

The most significant factor affecting the ruby’s value is the color or shade of red it contains. If the stone is too dark, it has a negative effect on light and isn’t of much value. On the other end of the scale, if the stone is too light, containing a pinkish hue, the stone is usually considered to be a pink sapphire. Dealers, jewelers and retailers often debate on the borderline determining whether it is a ruby or pink sapphire.

Here in Yaletown , Secret Sapphire carries a vast selection of sapphires and colored gemstones. Our collection of Margo Morrison necklaces and bracelets consist of stones such as ruby and sapphire. Another collection containing ruby’s and diamonds, is the Monica Tsao collection. One of these peices is the beautiful Ruby Bow Ring (see below). The upcoming Christmas holiday would be the perfect opportunity to make your loved one sparkle as much as the Duchess herself!

Ruby Ring