Elizabeth Taylor Auction

AuctionOn December 13, 2011 the Elizabeth Taylor Jewelry Auction hit a world record of sales for a private collection. The auction raked in a total of $116 million dollars in sales among international phone buyers and in room elites. The auction held in New York also broke six other world records such as highest price sold for a pearl jewel, per carat price for a colorless diamond, price for an Indian jewelanda ruby per carat.

Among the 80 items sold, pieces such as the 1627 Taj Mahal Diamond set on a gold and ruby chain by Cartier, 33.19 carat D-color stone named the “Elizabeth Taylor Diamond” , 18.26 carat emerald and diamond brooch by Bulgari were sold.Divorce

However the highlight of the night was the most famous pearl in the world, the famed Spanish piece called “La Peregrina”. In 1969 Richard Burton spent $37,000 to buy Elizabeth La Peregrina, a stunning pear shaped pearl, for her thirty-seventh birthday. A slave was actually set free when they found the pearl in the Gulf of Panama and later brought it to the Spanish Court. The history of the pearl spans over 500 years, and was last owned by the fortunate Elizabeth Taylor.

Elizabeth Taylor was devoted to humanitarian causes; therefore a portion of the proceeds is being contributed to the Elizabeth Taylor Aids Foundation (ETAF).

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