Endless Possibilities Of Pearls

Although the dramatic death of Princess Diana has passed many years ago, memories of her still live upon us. A tribute to her, the Mall of America is hosting a “Diana: A Celebration” exhibit, which will feature the gown Diana worn in her wedding to Prince Charles in 1981. The dress that is called one of the most closely guarded secrets in fashion history will now to display for thousands of people to see. The dress is designed by David and Elizabeth Emanuel and crafted from antique lace and ivory silk taffeta. What’s more spectacular than the 25-foot long train and lace sewn on with gold thread are the 10,000 pearls and mother-of-pearls sequins hand-embroidered to the entire gown. Diana’s low-heeled slippers worn with the gown is also made with ivory silk and top-stitched with pearls and sequins to match with her gown.

According to the Greeks, pearls are associated with love, marriage and incomparable beauty. White pearls (on Diana’s gown) symbolize purity, innocence, faith and honesty.Pearls It is believed that pearls would promote marital harmony, which is one of the reasons why pearls are extremely popular with weddings. The gown and the shoes are featured with thousands of pearls to symbolize innocence elegant beauty of Princess Diana. Pearls can be used in everything – cosmetic, jewelry, clothing and even shoes.