Engagement Ring Styles

diamond ringRegardless of what size, quality, and variety of stones chosen, the ring style is the most important decision to make when considering rings. Apart from showcasing personal style, they may serve accentuate center stones, make a woman’s fingers look slimmer, or complement skin tone. Here are some of the most popular styles and their features:


The most popular for its classic simplicity – a plain metal band with one center stone. This looks best with substantial stones, for example a one carat or larger diamond, because there are no details to distract the eye. However, this will allow light to pass through optimally as there are no additional stones to detract light from the main stone.


This setting consists typically of one main stone flanked by two smaller stones on either side. The side stones’ purpose is to complement or contrast the centerPrincess Diamond stone, which makes it appear larger. If all three stones are the same type, it will extend the color or sparkle across the three stones seamlessly. This style is flexible if you want to incorporate diamonds and gemstones together, making a nice contrast between the brilliance of the diamond(s) and the vivid hue of the gemstone(s). Additionally, you can add more side stones if desired making a five-stone or seven-stone ring.

Tip: If you have a slightly yellow tinted diamond, blue side stones can counteract some of the color and make the diamond appear brighter.


When the perimeter of a stone is surrounded by a line of tiny diamonds, it creates a bright “halo”. This has the effect of making the main stone look much larger, and draws the eye towards the center. To make it an exceptionally impressive size, add another line of pave diamonds surrounding the first one – referred to as a “double halo”.sapphire ring

These are the three foundational styles, each which can be modified with details to create highly individualized, unique rings. For more ideas, visit Secret Sapphire Luxury Jewellery. We are the exclusive retailers of the Hearts on Fire brand in Vancouver, known as “The World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond”. With styles such as the Beloved, Insignia Three-Stone, and Simply Bridal, you are sure to find something you love.