Estate Jewelry

Estate RingEstate refers to something previously owned including anything from land to jewelry. This type of jewelry is often called vintage or antique. It may come from a variety of different eras such as Georgian or Victorian. They are rare, but this does not necessarily mean that these designs would be more expensive, just that they will be more unique. Estate jewelry is becoming especially popular in engagement rings. Many people are also choosing to revamp their estate rings and change the stone or the setting to customize to their own personal likings. By doing this you still carry on the symbol of love lasting through generations, while adding your unique touch. One popular example of this was Prince William using his mother, Princess Diana’s, blue sapphire and diamond ring to propose to Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.Estate Ring

Here at Secret Sapphire, Monica Tsao, co-founder and graduate gemologist, can help you create the perfect unique engagement ring. Bring in pictures of the design you’re looking for and she can make a custom ring that will definitely be one of a kind. Call us at 604-558-3638 to book an appointment or come in to 493 Davie Street.