World’s Most Exclusive Lunch

Crown JewelAs part of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations, Queen Elizabeth is held a lunch for sovereign monarchs.

It was the biggest gathering of monarchs (outside of royal weddings and funerals) seen since 2002, which was the Queen’s previous Golden Jubilee dinner celebration for European sovereign monarchs. The guest list included the European crowned heads of state – Norway, Sweden, and Denmark were in attendance, as well as some visiting monarchs a little further away; the emperor Akihito of Japan, the Sultan of Brunei, and King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia are among the Queen’s guests.

Aside from the royal crowns, the historic jewels displayed at this luncheon can only be speculated. The Sultan of Brunei, once cited as the richest man in the world, owns a vast collection of valuable jewels enough to rival museums. Among his collection is the Crown Jewel Ruby, which was once a part of the most extensive collection of royal jewels: the French Crown Jewels, where it was mounted atop a crown. This phenomenal 3.79 carat ruby was excavated from a mine that has been extinct for 150 years, and feautures perfect “pigeon blood” coloring, stunning clarity and size. Perhaps the finest ruby available, it is set in a platinum ring surrounded by 2.50 carats of brilliant round diamonds.

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