Unusual Textured Stones – Druzy And Faceted Pearl

PearlsDruzy is a quartz crystal formation that grows on the surface of rocks or in cavities between them. It forms a glittery surface as the tiny crystals refract the light in different directions. It is quite stunning when used in jewellery as it adds a unique texture and color play.

These hard crystal surfaces are often found in the central cavities of rocks – these rocks are so called geodes. They form from molten rock. Heat and pressure causes the rock to expand and so once cooled, there are hollows and fissures. Within these spaces, as the moisture evaporates, the mineral deposits remain in the form of crystal coatings of various shapes, colours and sizes depending on the conditions and the minerals involved. Some are dyed or coated with metallic vapor to give different effects.

Pearls are not naturally faceted. They are normally silky smooth with a glowing satiny luster. Faceting is a process that is changing the way people think about pearls. Faceting makes pearls sparkly!

The technique was developed in Japan by a diamond-cutting factory called Komatsu in the 1980s as an experiment to enhance the appearance of pearls that were otherwise difficult to sell. Faceting provides a sparkle to an otherwise lack luster pearl. Pearls are formed in oysters as the mollusk coats particles of sand and grit in its shell with layers of nacre. Most pearls are cultured by implanting a small bead into the shell so that the resulting pearl is the shape of the bead. Depending on where the pearl is made and how long it has been in the oyster for, the amount of nacre on the bead varies. It is a fine substance so unlike a solid gemstone, it is quite a challenge to cut. By adapting their tools, Komatsu used its diamond cutting knowledge and skills to polish pearls.

The style is catching on and becoming more popular. Watch out for these unusual beads. Sometimes they are coated with paint or dyed to produce yet more different effects. Overall the result is similar – a lustrous pearl that shines in its own way, polished with angles that throw the light around adding another dimension to the radiance.

Lori Bonn`s Pizzazz Peacock Pearl necklace combines these two fascinating stones in one stunning necklace. The stones are combined with amethyst, mystic fire quartz and iolite to form a dramatic statement piece, sure to get people talking.

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