Fancy Colored Orange Diamonds

Orange Diamond RingsGenerally when people think of colored diamonds, their mind would jump to pinks, blues, and yellows, the commonly talked about fancy colors. Only a few would think to mention orange diamonds, a beautiful and underrated diamond color.

Many of the orange diamond shades on the market have strong yellow or brown modifiers. In truth, to be classified as a true orange there must be a complete absence of brown in the stone. These pure pumpkin-shade oranges are very rare and are usually sold as collectors’ items, at prices exceeding yellow diamonds – at Sotheby’s New York, an 8.93 carat fancy intense orange sold for about $1.9 million US.

Common descriptions for orange diamonds include amber, autumn, burnt orange, and cognac. Orange diamond rough is primarily mined in Australia and South Africa.

At Secret Sapphire, we have three custom made orange diamond rings on display, designed by our in-house jeweler and GIA graduate gemologist Monica Tsao. She has a background in buying and sourcing colored diamonds, so give us a call at (604) 558 – 3638 if you are looking for special colored diamond jewelry!