Get Your Fashion Jewelry Fix

BlakeIn previous years, jewelry was seen as a status symbol – today, style is the new status. With the volatile economy we are in currently, there is an increasing demand for fine costume jewelry – sometimes referred to as fashion jewelry – for women who want to update their jewelry wardrobe without sacrificing quality or breaking the bank.

An increasing trend is seen in mixing fine jewelry with fashion jewelry, for example, wearing a classic diamond pendant layered with a coral strand necklace. Janet Goldman, owner of a New York City jewelry store that features emerging designers, believes that “customers are looking for an under-$350 impulse purchase – pieces they can buy in multiples and layer with the rest of their collection.” Unlike most fine jewelry which favors perfect, uniform patterns, fashion pieces lends itself to be more versatile with styling.

Imperfection is beautiful, as seen in Margo Morrison gemstone necklaces; some designs feature unfaceted, unpolished, irregularly shaped, or visibly included stones. Yet somehow, it all works together to become a piece of jewelry that will become a staple in your wardrobe. Margo Morrison pieces come in a wide range of gem materials and sizes, depending whether you want to go understated or make a statement, there will be something for you.

To see Margo Morrison’s jewelry collection, visit Secret Sapphire in Vancouver. We carry a mix of fine jewelry and a few choice fashion jewelry lines, including Liv Haley and Lusciouss. We are located in Yaletown at 493 Davie St.