Gem-Encrusted Butterflies in LA Museum

ButterflySixteen butterfly brooches are currently being held on display in an exhibit at the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles. Each is lavishly decorated in a combination of semi-precious and precious gemstones and set in 18 karat gold; some included materials are Columbian emeralds, Baja pearls, and garnets.

One notable piece is a brooch that holds 34.67 carats of benitoite, California’s state gemstone. The only mine in the world that produces gem quality benitoite is the Benitoite Gem Mine in central California, which is now considered exhausted.

ButterflyAnother two butterflies feature rare vivid orange garnets from the Hercules Dike at the Little Three mine in Ramona, California.

The pearl butterfly brooch has natural pearls from the Sea of Cortez, now more commonly referred to as Baja pearls. The Baja pearl industry grew to supply most of the world’s pearls in the 19th century.

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