Coloured gemstone engagement rings:

Gemstone Ring

In Victorian times it was more usual for engagement rings to feature coloured stones, however in recent times the diamond has taken over as gem of choice. In the past few years celebrities such as Kate Middleton with her sapphire ring and Jessica Simpson with her ruby have been in the spotlight and coloured stones have become more popular once again.

No longer for the unconventional bride, coloured stones are featured more and more, though the trend, according to Kate Peterson, at the Tuscon Gem Trade Association Show, these stones are more often purchased by couples who shop for the engagement ring together. Diamonds are a safe bet for a man purchasing a ring in secret as the colour options can be intimidating and confusing – not to mention the risk of choosing the wrong one!

Coloured stone rings also tend to be larger than the diamond option with average size of 1.5-4 carats. The Wedding Report concluded that 73% of couples named design and style as the number 1 factor when purchasing a ring which opens up the market for custom design. When design is the priority, diamond bling tends to be reserved as an accent to the design rather than the focus. While the sky is the limit with price for any gemstone jewellery, coloured gemstones can also be more accessible to the budget conscious buyer who can get something unique at a fraction of the cost of its diamond counterpart. “If its size that someone is after” says Susan Altman, GM of Hyde Park Jewelers in Denver, CO, “a coloured gemstone can definitely be more advantageous in terms of what you get for your money”.

Also worth considering is the many colours that diamonds can come in too, like Mariah Carey’s pink diamond. If you have the budget for diamond and love the bling, but fancy a colour – look for fancy coloured diamonds.

At Secret Sapphire Luxury Jewellers in Yaletown, Vancouver, we specialize in naturally coloured diamonds and gemstones. GIA gemmologist Monica Tsao can advise you on the ideal stone for your needs. Gems are natural phenomenon and come in all shades with varying qualities. We can help you choose the perfect stone and work with you to design a unique ring or other piece of jewellery. Check out our website and look at past pieces designed and made here.