Gemstones Uncovered: Aquamarine

AquamarineThe name aquamarine has a Latin origin – “aqua” meaning sea and “mare” meaning water. It is a form of beryl, the same mineral family that emerald belongs to. The highest quality of aquamarine is very clear, with fewer inclusions than emerald. It comes in the various shades of blue from the pale blue of the skies to vivid deep blue, along with some tinged with green. It is also designated as the birthstone for those born in the month of March.

The intensity of aquamarine’s color is due to the presence of iron in the stone – the more iron, the more intense blue it is and therefore holds more value.Aquamarine

Due to their color resemblance to the seas, aquamarine has long been considered a lucky stone by sailors, who carried them to keep them safe at sea. It is said to bring peace and calming to its owner, relieve stress and enhancing intuition.

Margo Morrison NecklaceMuch of the world’s supply of aquamarine comes from Brazil. One particularly valuable type are named Santa Maria aquamarines, because they originate from the Brazil’s Santa Maria de Itabira mine. Santa Maria’s are prized worldwide because of their particularly beautiful vivid blue hue. Aquamarines are also found in the Middle East, Africa, Madagascar, and even the United States.

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