Gemstones Uncovered: Chrysoprase

Chrysoprase EarringsThe gemstone chrysoprase is one of the more expensive semi-precious stones, having an opalescent apple green color which could be mistaken for jade. The stone gets its name from a combination of two Greek words; chyros which translates to gold and prase –meaning leek. It is also known as the Australian jade.

Chyrsoprase belongs to the chalcedony family of gemstones, though among one of its rare varieties. The variations of depth in color is attributed to the amount of nickel in the stone, the more vivid shades have more nickel in their composition compared to their lighter counterparts. Both ends of the spectrum make beautiful stones for jewelry, it all depends on your preference!

The stone has an interesting background attached to it. Chrysoprase has been known from the time of the ancient Roman and Greek empires, who both prized the stone for adornment purposes and also for its healing powers. It is said to be the favorite gemstone of Alexander the Great, who according to legend, always kept a chrysoprase in his girdle for victory in the many battles he fought.Julia Roberts Chrysoprase

Above, Julia Roberts in a Margo Morrison chrysoprase necklace

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