Gemstones Uncovered: Topaz

TopazTopazWhat exactly is topaz?

The word Topaz comes from the island of Topazos in the Red Sea, where the Romans first discovered pieces of this stone. It is a mineral that is naturally occurring in rhombic prisms and comes in a few shades, discussed below. It is also designated as the birthstone of November, and the Wedding anniversary gemstone.

The ancient Egyptians said that topaz was colored by the golden glow of the mighty sun god Ra, lending the varying colors of fire to the stone. They also believed that Ra gave the brilliant gem the power to protect its owner against harm.

Topaz can be amber gold to blushing pink-orange and all of the beautiful warm browns, golds, and oranges in between. Natural yellow, peach, orange and rich brown topaz are referred to as precious topaz, which are found mostly in Brazil and Sri Lanka. Imperial topaz refers to the most vivid of shades, including rich reddish orange, sherry red, and deep salmon pink. Imperial topaz is exclusively found I Brazil. In addition, most blue topaz we see have an enhanced color; naturally occurring blue topaz are the rarest.

CrownA famous topaz is the Braganza, the centerpiece of the Portuguese Royal Crown. Occasionally, topaz is found to grow in massive crystals – the largest known is about 567 pounds! Topaz also holds the record for the world`s largest faceted gemstone at 36,854 carats.

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