Get inspired with Disney Princess Rings!


Sierra from Heck Yea Disney Merch used Gemvara’s customized tool and designed rings themed by each Disney princess! Talk about a truly custom unique design with a twist of fun in it. Would you ever want a ring to match your favorite Disney Character? Check out some of these stunning custom rings and get inspired!

A personally engraved phrase can add that special heart-warming touch. Different settings can add a special texture to each ring depending on what look you are going for. If you want your setting to sit high then you can go for a mounting that creates that look. Here is some of the details for these settings and rings that create a dynamic beautiful look.


Belles tale as old as time ring is a yellow sapphire in 14K gold with rubies as the halo it’s a French royal vintage inspired design. It does look like a whole new world with Princess Jasmines classic but edgy design hers is a blue topaz in 14k white gold ring with sapphires and diamonds on the side, the glimmers of gems burst out and two small bezel-set round gems on each side add another touch of radiance and sparkle. There’s also the halo look which the ring for the Disney Princess The Little Mermaid has, her custom ring is set with two halos of gemstones surrounding a cushion cut with a prong set stone and continues down both sides of the band, a truly dazzling band which looks like a mermaids tail! The Pocahontas inspired ring is a round red garnet set in a 14K rose gold with smoky quartz, the lacy embellishment adds a feminine touch.

Engagement rings can be this fun! Next time you’re thinking custom take a look at these beautifully inspired pieces or use your own character to get inspired. Here at Secret Sapphire in Yaletown we have the means to provide and discuss any type of ring you could imagine. Come on down to our boutique style store for some tea while we browse through different types, colours, cuts, bands, and selections of rings to suite any princess!