Oyster fossil may contain giant pearl!

Nature has offered something extraordinary for the official birthstone of June, a giant fossilized oyster that may contain a huge golf ball sized pearl! The oyster fossil was found in Solent, a strait near England. Lindsay Holloway of the Aquarium told The Daily Mail: “It was discovered in the nets of a fishing boat which was dredging here. When the fishermen came back to port they thought it was [live], but when they picked it up, cleaned it, and had a closer look they could tell it was a fossil. It had completely turned to stone.”

Oysters can be aged by the annual growth rings on its shell. With closer examination and counting the rings on the shell they found it has more than 200 rings on it making it a very long lived creature. An oyster shell this big could house a magnificent giant pearl. The seven-inch fossilized oyster was scanned with special MRI equipment to reveal a round smooth object that could be a pearl. If they were to crack the precious shell open and find a pearl it would be priceless but it would mean they would have to destroy such a rare fossil. Experts have decided not to explore the contents any further so as to not destroy the fossil. It remains now at the Blue Reef Aquarium in Portsmouth where it’s kept securely and only brought out for lectures and talks.Oyster Pearl

The way pearls are formed inside the shell of an oyster is basically a defense mechanism against irritation. If a foreign substance slips into the oyster between its mantle and shell then the oyster reacts to protect itself. The mantle covers the foreign substance in layers of nacre (calcium carbonate) to seal off the irritation. The secretion of nacre is repeated many times producing the gorgeous iridescent pearls we wear and love today. Natural pearls come in many shapes and sizes with perfectly round being the rarest of them all.

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