Gift from the Sun

CitrineA moderate price and attractive color with good wearability is the best combination for many customers. Citrine is any quartz crystal or cluster that is yellow or orange in color. It is also the birthstone for the month of November since 1912.

Citrine is actually a rare form of quartz, and in present day, almost all citrine found are heat-treated amethyst. Quartz gems can accommodate any person’s desires, ranging from the clearest of gems, to a black onyx. Quartz stones are found all around the globe. Citrine quartz however is found in deposits in Brazil, the Ural Mountains of Russia, Dauphine in France and in Madagascar.

Throughout history, citrine has been used by chiefs and leaders in order to heighten psychic powers. In order to do so, they would place the stone on the forehead, consequently coming up with the alternative name the “stone of the mind”. Another cultured belief is the luck the “Merchant Stone” brings to business owners. They place the stone in the cash register and claim to prosper in their business.

Said to be a gift from the sun, the citrine stone can be easily be mistaken for topaz, or a smoky quartz. Some professionals even have a hard time making the distinction between them. Here at Secret Sapphire, we carry many citrine stones! In our Margo Morrison collection, we have beautiful necklaces and bracelets in citrine. In our Bonn Bon’s charm collection, we carry an adornment of charms with citrine sparkling. Even our own Monica Tsao collection has beautiful citrine pieces, our cocktail ring being a favorite. Come by Yaletown and check our collection of sun kissed stones.