Glow In The Dark Diamonds

Diamond Ultraviolet LightEver step under a black light? Your teeth, eyes, white clothes and even your diamonds can glow! Diamond fluorescence is the visible light some diamonds release while being exposed to ultraviolet (UV) rays. According to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), fluorescence refers to the intensity or strength of the diamonds reaction to the UV rays.

Diamonds which possess fluorescence are in fact common. Out of all the diamonds submitted to the GIA, around 25%-35% contain fluorescence, whether it is strong or faint. This color that is emitted is more than 95% of the time blue. However in rare instances the diamond emits yellow, white, green or even red in very rare cases.

A common misconception is that the fluorescence affects the structural integrity of the diamond itself. Conversely, this is false. The presence of fluorescence does not weaken or harm the diamond in any way. Along the same lines, the degree of fluorescence a diamond possesses has little effect on the gems appearance also. A diamond with very intense fluorescence may appear a bit hazy under natural daylight.

So next time you are shopping for diamonds, make sure to ask the supplier the intensity of fluorescence the diamond might have. Or you could always go to a nightclub and test it out for yourself!